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Why Choose Us?

We are a team of people who believe in helping write the stories of the future, one child at a time. We know the most important time in a child’s education takes place long before a college entrance exam.  We know the most important time in a child’s education happens during the earliest years of their lives. And we know the key: It’s to help your child learn to love learning.


Why Choose Storybook Preschool?

Why will people send their child to Storybook?  Because they love them.  Because they want the best for them.  Because they want to give their child every opportunity to be successful.  Because, as a parent, your child’s success is your success, and their happiness is yours too.


Our Dedicated Mission

Children who love learning are more successful in school and careers, but even more importantly, they are more successful in life.  They have better relationships and are better prepared for a world that changes quickly. At Storybook, we instill a love of learning at an early age so children will grow up with these incorporated values.


All of Your Questions Answered

At Storybook Preschool, we highly encourage parents and families to be an essential part in early child learning and development. It is valuable for parents to learn our philosophies to better understand our mission for their precious little ones.


Meet Our Storytellers

At Storybook, we believe that we can write the future, one successful child at a time. Meet the irreplaceable people who we believe can teach and lead your children into a successful future.


Our Facility

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Class Size

Our Preschool Classroom

Our classroom is full of learning and fun!

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Our Pre-K Classroom

Our classroom has all of the tools for learning and growing!

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Our Playground

We love our fun and outdoor playground for exploring!

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Our Amazing Artists Wall

Our classroom is full of colorful paintings and masterpieces!