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Our Philosophy

Storybook Preschool promotes an environment where children become independent, confident, lifelong learners. Each child’s unique journey of social, emotional, cognitive, language, and motor skill development are served through age appropriate hands-on curriculum. We believe that each child is special and want to recognize their individual needs, learning styles, and abilities through a guided exploration of art, science, math, literature, and music. The staff of Storybook Preschool is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment; we know the extraordinary value of social collaborative learning, we want to teach all of our kids that learning is an amazing adventure!

Our Curriculum


Math & Science



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Sample Daily Schedule

6:30AM          School Opens

8:00AM          Arrival

9:00AM          Circle Time & Attendance

9:15AM          Structured Learning

10:00AM         Morning Snack

10:30AM         Outdoor Fun

11:15AM         Storytime & Language Arts

11:30AM         Lunch

12:00PM         Music & Movement

12:15PM         Sensory Centers

12:30PM         Table Toys | Half Day Dismissal

1:00PM          Rest Time

3:00PM          Afternoon Snack

3:30PM          Outdoor Fun

5:00PM          Inside Group Activities

6:00PM          School Closes

Months Old

Class Size

Our Preschool Classroom

Our classroom is full of learning and fun!

Months Old

Class Size

Our Pre-K Classroom

Our classroom has all of the tools for learning and growing!

Months Old

Class Size

Our Playground

We love our fun and outdoor playground for exploring!

Months Old

Class Size

Our Amazing Artists Wall

Our classroom is full of colorful paintings and masterpieces!

“Art encourages kids to think, developing skills and confidence as they go.”

-MaryAnn Kohl & Barbara Zabarowski